Warranty Terms and Conditions

Dutch Craft Mattress Company follows the industry standard with the terms and conditions of all of our products. Warranty includes manufacturing defects and workmanship (excluding cover and handles). Dutch Craft Mattress Company will repair or replace at our discretion any valid warranty claim. Purchaser must have original receipt as proof of purchase.

Mattress cannot be soiled or stained in any way. Warranty may be invalid if not purchased with a matching box spring or foundation and/or a center support on a queen/king mattress. Comfort impressions are normal and are not considered a valid warranty claim unless the impression is greater than 1.5” deep. Rotating the mattress will minimize comfort impressions.  Purchaser is responsible for all transportation cost associated with any warranty issue.

Mattress Care: The Do's and Don'ts

Thank you for your interest in an Amish handcrafted mattress by Dutch Craft.
Listed below are things we believe will help you get the most from your mattress.

Turn regularly. Some types of mattresses should be turned and rotated every few weeks to help smooth out contours. After a few months, turn and rotate periodically to help equalize the wear and tear that normally occurs. Occasionally rotating the foundation from end to end is a good idea, too. King mattresses should be rotated one quarter turn each month. Even though the mattress isn’t perfectly square, it will still fit on your box spring.

Good support. Be sure to use a sturdy, high quality bed frame. If it’s a queen size or king size set, make sure your frame has the center support to ensure validation of your warranty.

Don’t remove the tag. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not illegal for you to remove the law tag, but the information on the label will serve as a means of identification should you have a warranty claim.

Don’t bend or fold. Unless a mattress is made entirely of soft material, such as foam, or is specially built to be folded, it probably has a rigid border wire inside that isn’t meant to be bent.

It’s not a trampoline. Don’t let the kids jump on your sleep set. Their rough-housing could do damage to the interior construction, as well as to themselves!