About Us

Eli Schmucker, Founder and President, of Dutch Craft Sleep Products, grew up in the small town of Middlefield, Ohio; about 30 miles east of Cleveland. Following the Amish tradition he immediately went to work after graduating from the eighth grade at the local Amish school. After working several years with carpentry and mason work, along with working on a horse farm, he went to work in a mattress factory.

At the age of twenty-four, Eli decided to move to Tennessee and start his own mattress factory, focusing on building a quality product for the best value. Since the very beginning, Dutch Craft has grown by “leaps and bounds”. Dutch Craft products are now being shipped to dealers over half the country. Eli now has multiple factories in the US including a boxspring plant, a foam cutting plant where all our foams are cut in house to control quality and price, and a sewing division where all the covers are sewn to ensure the highest quality.

The Dutch Craft family and its President, Eli Schmucker, are committed to handcrafting the highest quality handcrafted mattresses at an honest price. 

That’s the Dutch Craft Promise