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We focus on producing the finest quality bedding for the very best value. It’s that simple, Dutch Craft is second to no one in quality and value. We encourage you to compare us to any mattress company anywhere – from any of the national brands to any of the specialty stores.

No National Advertising

Rather than spending millions of dollars on national advertising, a cost that gets passed on to the consumer, we invest our money into producing more quality products and rely on our customers to tell their family and friends about our products.

No Corporate Overhead

At Dutch Craft we don’t have a large elaborate campus with a lot of frills that cost thousands of dollars each year to maintain that would get passed on to our consumers. Our offices, showroom and design center are all attached to our factory which allows us to be extremely efficient and save you the consumer more money.

Dutch Craft is family owned and operated. We don’t have to rely on “rules” by a board of directors
or any investment group who is only interested in making a huge profit. Our commitment is
handcrafting the highest quality mattresses we can and passing the savings on to you.

Compare us and see why we are "Traditionally Built Better".