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Customer Reviews

Can I get a LOVE IT

Can I get a LOVE IT HellYeah. We are not made of money but if you want to sleep the whole night with all the energy that a good night sleep will afford you then save up or what ever you have to do bite the the bullet get one. You can thank me later and trust me you will. If you think of it as an investment for your health or wellbeing whatever it may be great investment.

I have had my Dutch Craft mattress for several years

I have had my Dutch Craft mattress for several years. It is the Caress Pillow top . Thought of getting one of the newer models that look so comfortable but I absolutely love my Caress!

Great People

great people great product very good to work with they take care of their customers!!! Great American Hometown company doing well ! thanks plaid us with mattress toppers for a current mattress and are houseboat and the best thing ever great quality great product very comfortable 

Best Mattress

 Absolutely love my Dutch craft mattress! Best mattress I've ever owned! 

Could Not Be Happier

We purchased 5 queen mattresses for our new home. COULD NOT be happier. Different models, and very pleased with each one. Mattress covers and pillows are excellent as well. HIGHLY recommend Dutch Craft. 

Love It!

Love it! I got my mattress two years ago, absolutely the best decision I've made. They are not the cheapest mattress, but worth every penny :-)